The Path Less Traveled:

By Jason C. Dudycha

I should write more. The overwhelming majority of my scholastic career has been spent reading the works of others, watching debates, examining sources, examining sources’ sources, and pining over various philosophical and historical inquiries. The result of all this is that I now possess a broad and unique worldview. However, I have never taken the time to write down my own experience, which I’m told is worth recording. And so:
I was not always this way. I did not always believe as I currently do. I grew up with very little spiritual guidance. I was born in Oregon, and I remember sporadically going to church up until I was maybe ~6 years old. However, my only actual memory of it is being given a dirty look by an old man when I was misbehaving. After moving to Michigan in 1987 we went to the occasional Easter or Christmas service, but that was it. We never found a new home church, and because of that there was no real spiritual seeking, no questioning, no community. Simply put, spirituality was not on my radar. 
I graduated from Western Michigan University in the summer of 2004 with degrees in Geography and Philosophy. Two years later, during the fall of 2006, I became acquainted with the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’. This marked the beginning of my “descent into the rabbit hole,” so to speak. I became absorbed in what we broadly call “conspiracy theories.” However, my level of engagement was still quite superficial; that is, I was aware only of the “mainstream” conspiracy theories, i.e. chemtrails, HAARP, Bohemian Grove. I remember researching The Council on Foreign Relations, which struck me as particularly damning of the establishment, and I even got my hands onto Edward Bernays’ seminal opus, Propaganda. But, for whatever reason, I was not deeply affected.
After some time, maybe ~1 year, I grew frustrated with all the negativity and pessimism which pervade conspiracy theories, so I shifted gears and began looking more into underground archaeology (pun intended). I began looking into historical and archaeological “anomalies” which are on the public record and quite well-documented (i.e. Mount Ararat, Bimini Road, Nazca Lines, Piri Reis map), yet receive zero attention from mainstream sources, (i.e. National Geographic, Discovery channel, any public school textbook). In time, I began to realize how the conventional record of human history that has been taught to the past several generations of public schoolchildren has been intentionally censored & molded to fit one specific theory (evolutionary Darwinism). People simply haven’t been made aware of the evidence. However, even a cursorial examination will point one to the conclusion that the ancient myths might not be “primitive stories” from less-civilized cultures, as modern evolutionary psychologists like to dismiss them as.
Finally, in the spring of 2008 I suffered an immense epiphany and resolved to give away all of my possessions, and hitch-hike across America, not knowing where I might ultimately end up. Call it a walkabout. This was a very free time in my life. My conspiracy studies were on hold. I spent most of my time rapping & busking on corners, interacting with Rainbows and gutter punks from Colorado westward, camping out, squatting, going to festivals. It was during this time that I read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ and was, due in no small part to peer influences, led to believe that all spiritual prophets are essentially the same, all coming to share one general message: be nice. I was led to believe that Jesus = Buddha = Mohammad = Krsna, etc. After all, I had encountered Zeitgeist in my prior “conspiracy studies”, and it seemed so easy to accept. So, I fell into it.  
After ~6 months on the road, I found myself in Portland, Oregon, the city of my birth, where I met a fun gentleman who showed me, ‘Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press: An Interview With Former KGB Propagandist Yuri Bezmenov’, recorded in 1984. Thus began my “intellectual awakening,” and my still-ongoing research into everything Propaganda. Captivated, I sought all the information I could from Yuri Bezmenov (aka Tomas Schuman), which me led to his publications and lectures:

 – Psychological Warfare, Subversion, & Control of Western Society (1983)

 – Love Letter to America (1984)

 – World Thought Police (1986)
Researching Yuri’s claims and sources led me to the works of various other defected Soviet KGB propagandists, and also to ‘The Communist Manual on Psychopolitical Warfare’, (of which there is a great deal of disinformation online; a thorough examination, though, reveals its legitimacy). All of these individuals wrote and spoke at length on how they were inserting themselves into American culture, their formalized methods of manipulation, and a broad agenda whose ultimate long-term goal was/is to subvert the entire world into one collectivist “Utopia.” 
My Propaganda studies expanded into general behavioral psychology, post-Pavlovian Soviet psychology, brainwashing & mind control techniques, government-funded programs and studies on how to brainwash & control people, and the corruption of and external influences upon the mainstream media. This research went on for no less than one year, during which time I constantly had resources coming and going through my local library’s interlibrary loan program. Some sources included:

 – Stanislav Levchenko, ‘On the Wrong Side: My Life in the KGB’ (1988)

 – Oleg Gordievsky, ‘KGB: The Inside Story’ (1990), and various other works.

 – Vasili Mitrokhin, ‘KGB in Europe & the West’ (2000), and various other works.

 – Kenneth Goff, various works.

 – W. Cleon Skousen, ‘The Naked Communist’ (1958)

 – William Cooper, ‘Behold A Pale Horse’ (1991)

 – Fritz Springmeier, lectures and personal interview.

 -Ted Gunderson, lectures and interviews.
Around this time, the gentleman who first introduced me to Yuri Bezmenov also introduced me to Lenon Honor, whose early works focused largely on subliminal messages and occult influences within the entertainment industry. Lenon has conducted many careful examinations of various pop songs and films, i.e. Rihanna, Jay-Z, Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Disney. He now works with his wife, focusing largely on self-help & positive relationships. Although I don’t entirely agree with the spirituality Lenon now espouses, his early works were definitely a positive influence on my growth, including:

 – ‘The Creator, the gods, Evil, and the Manipulation of Humanity’

 – ‘What Lies in Plain Sight’

 – ‘The Borg Agenda’
Over time I began to notice some recurring themes within the realm of propaganda, brainwashing, and mind control, such as: the destruction of the traditional family unit (primary source of values & beliefs), the bastardization of freedom & Capitalism (and promotion of collectivism), promotion of “sustainable development” (Agenda 21), cultural distractions (drama/gossip/sports/politics), the pitting of brother against brother (race & class wars), and fomenting general malaise (depressed individuals are more impressionable). However, there was one theme that kept coming up which quite surprised me: the New Age Movement.  
Intrigued, I began thinking about how propaganda might be used to shape and influence spirituality and religion. I remembered the sporadic mentions of a supposed “New Age agenda” coming from the Soviet KGB defectors, and decided to once again shift my research gears, this time focusing on the New Age movement. From late 2009 through 2010, my sources included:

 – H. P. Blavatsky, ‘The Secret Doctrine’ (1888)

 – Alice Bailey, ‘Externalization of the Hierarchy’ (1957)

 – Constance Cumbey, ‘The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow’ (1983)

 – Paul Heelas, ‘The New Age Movement’ (1996)

 – Wouter Hanegraaff, ‘New Age Religion and Western Culture’ (1996) 

 – Duncan Ferguson, ‘New Age Spirituality’ (1993)

 – Karen Hoyt, ‘The New Age Rage’ (1987)

 – Russell Chandler, ‘Understanding the New Age’ (1991)

 – Gary Leazer, ‘The New Age Movement and Education’ (1992)

 – Elliot Miller, ‘A Crash Course on the New Age Movement’ (1989)

 – David & Sharon Sneed, ‘The Hidden Agenda’ (1991)

 – George Maloney, ‘Mysticism and the New Age: Christic Consciousness in the New Creation’ (1991)

 – Traugott Oesterreich, ‘ Possession and Exorcism’ (1974)

 – Jon Klimo, ‘Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources’ (1987)

 – Russ Dizdar, lectures and interviews

Even a cursory examination of these New Age sources will quickly point one to some shocking conclusions, namely that the entire New Age Movement’s origin can be traced to two influential women, Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, both of whom openly professed to worshipping Lucifer. Yes, you read that correctly! The shocking truth of the matter is that the heart of the New Age Movement is ultimately founded upon Satanic theology. Keep in mind, I was not a religious person at this point and didn’t really realize what I was stumbling upon. 
What really started to intrigue me were Alice Bailey’s political connections through her husband Foster Bailey’s involvement with the United Nations. Bailey’s connections to high-ranking world political officials and public opinion makers brought to full circle my earlier research on secret societies, supra-political allegiances, and the many notable individuals from these orders who went on to positions of extreme political power and international influence. Finally, it all started becoming clear.
I found it interesting, though, how within the New Age Movement there is a marked propagandic push towards the discrediting and diminishing of the historical Jesus of Nazareth. More than any other, Jesus was the only spiritual teacher who was receiving condemnation and vilification from the overall New Age movement. Why just Jesus, though? Why was there no equal diminution of Buddha, or Krsna, or Mohammad coming from these self-styled New Agers? In fact, why were these others being so promoted? Upon realizing all of the attention that the New Age movement was giving to Jesus, I then started to ask myself, “Okay, what’s up with this Jesus guy?” This is when I began examining the historical Jesus. I also was venturing into studying the origin & trustworthiness of the Bible, the history of the early Christian church, and so on. Through this process I have become intimately acquainted with the works of the following Christian philosophers and apologists:

 – William Lane Craig

 – Alvin Plantinga

 – Greg Koukl

 – C.S. Lewis

 – Cornelius Van Til, ‘Christian Apologetics’ (1976)

 – Martin Hengel, ‘Acts and the History of Earliest Christianity’ (1979)

 – Henry Chadwick, ‘The Early Church’ (1967)

 – Richard Bauckham, ‘Jesus and the Eyewitnesses’ (2006)

 – Charles N. Cochrane, ‘Christianity and Classical Culture’ (1940)

Keep in mind that up to this point I possessed a very ‘Zeitgeist’-inspired spirituality. I believed in “Christ consciousness”, that Jesus was one of a series of ascended masters, on the same level as Buddha, Allah, Krsna, et al.. I believed that Jesus was no different than any other spiritual leader, and was not about to call myself a Christian. However, as I studied the primary sources, and checked & double-checked the trustworthiness & biases of said sources, it became increasingly apparent to me that the life and works of Jesus were no historical fiction. Jesus’ life was not a retelling of earlier pagan virgin birth & resurrection myths, as is widely believed today thanks in large part to the propaganda piece Zeitgeist. Jesus, I realized, made very distinct claims about who He was, the likes of which the ancient world had never known. I eventually realized that the reason Luciferian New Agers are so eager to discredit Christianity is because Christianity alone is the ONLY religion which specifically calls out the Satanic one-world agenda, and warns individuals of what to look out for as humanity grows to forget Christ. 
And so, in time I came to call myself a Christian. It was a gradual unfolding, which came from a decidedly cerebral approach. I’ve never had that “saved” moment that so many claim to have experienced. After realizing so many things, after connecting so many dots, I finally realized that I could no longer remain on the fence. I needed to make a choice. I was ultimately galvanized into Christianity through logical, critical thinking. I was convicted.  
Thusly, since giving myself to Christ, I have resolved to dispel the propaganda which had led me astray. Today there is not an argument against God’s existence which I haven’t examined; there is not an argument against Jesus or Christianity which I haven’t considered. I have equipped myself, and remain ever ready to defend the Gospel of Jesus from the lies and mis-truths spoken by those who would lead His flock astray. Sources which have aided in this endeavor have included:

 – Gordon H. Clark, ‘Philosophy of Science and Belief in God’ (1964)

 – David L. Wolfe, ‘Epistemology: The Justification of Belief’ (1982) 

 – W. Jay Wood, ‘Epistemology: Becoming Intellectually Virtuous’ (1998)

 – David Berlinski, ‘The Devil’s Delusion’ (2009)

 – Robert Jastrow, ‘God and the Astronomers’ (1978)

 – Tom Gilson & Carson Weitnauer, ‘True Reason’ (2013)

 – Doug Powell, ‘Christian Apologetics’ (2006)

 – Thomas Nagel, ‘Mind & Cosmos’ (2012)
The latest and most rewarding epiphany on my spiritual journey has been forgiving myself, and allowing myself to accept the gift of God’s grace. Having lived in darkness for so long, I thought that there was no way a wretch such as myself was deserving of God’s Love and Forgiveness. I appreciated it, sure, but there’s no way I deserved it. Then, I thought how nobody deserves it ! That’s what makes it a gift !! That God would lower himself to forgive those who sinned against Him was/is mind-boggling. I realized that it ultimately came down to forgiving myself. I’ve never had difficulties with forgiving others. However, forgiving myself was a major obstacle to my salvation. I eventually realized that, through Jesus’ sacrifice, the penalty for my sin has already been paid. I needn’t live a life of regret and self-loathing. Forgiving myself was my “saving moment”, and accepting the mercy & grace of an all-Loving God has opened my heart and allowed me to grow leaps and bounds since being saved. Praise God !!
It has been a complex and emotional journey, to say the least. Such a transformation is not without its downfalls, though. Without a doubt, the biggest obstacle to my faith was/is knowing that merely calling myself a Christian will, in many peoples’ minds, equate me with the “bigoted, narrow-minded, hateful Christians” that are depicted in the media today. I loathe being a foregone conclusion! It is extremely sad how my faith has led to being alienated and cut off by more than a few friends. These “friends” often grew up religious, but have since turned their backs on God and now simply refuse to have the conversation. The increasing tendency of youth today is to rebel against their parents, which often means the abandonment of religion. I am immensely grateful I was raised without any overbearing religious influence, as I suspect that I would likely have fallen into the same camp.  
This is my testimony.  

 ‘But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts; and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you the reason for the hope that is in you.’

            1 Peter 3:15